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7 Steps to create SEO Audit Report for any Website – Part 1 (Follow me to receive the Part 2 notification)

SEO Audit plays is very important when you want to pitch a new client or create a recommendations sheet.

Here are 7 Steps to create a perfect SEO Audit report:

Step 1. How many pages does the website have compared to the best competitors?

Let’s understand this point with an example.

Assume you are creating this SEO Audit report for a furniture company website and Pepperfry is the best competition website in this space.

Now check how many pages your website has compared to Pepperfry. If your website has 300 pages vs 3000 Pepperfry pages then this could be your first point in the SEO Audit report.

The number of pages is like soldiers in an army, your probability of winning a war with 1/10th soldiers is very low.

So, the first step should be to increase the number of pages on the website.

Step 2: Are your pages fit enough to compete with your competition?

I have seen so many times that websites have a lot of pages but most of them with no unique content.

These pages are so thin that they become a liability rather than becoming Strength for a website.

Check the product, service, category and homepage of your client’s website and compare it with the competition’s website.

For example, if your client is selling a 3-seater sofa and it has 500 words of content and Pepperfry has 3000 words of content and adding more content should be part of your Audit report.

Step 3: Review HUM and add it to your website Audit

The top 3 SEO factors are:
H = Heading Tags
M = Meta Title and Description

Checkout URL, Meta and Heading Tag of top product, service and category pages and add to your Audit report.

Compare your SEO Data with the competition to know which keyword they are tracking and how optimized the competitor’s website is compared to your client’s website.

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